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Pesky mosquitoes are the bane of outdoor fun everywhere. Yet they are also fascinating creatures with a plethora of finely developed traits and survival tools. Read on to learn five facts about mosquitoes:

Mosquitoes Cover Large Areas

There’s a reason that mosquitoes are a challenge to swat—these bugs clip along at over a mile an hour. Though this is fairly slow compared to other insects, it’s more than enough for the mosquito to spread disease in its six-month life span. Some species fly over 100 miles at this speed just to find a prime hunting ground!

Every Bite Is From a Female

Mosquitoes don’t actually need the blood they take from you for themselves—female mosquitoes need the protein and nutrients from your blood to support the reproduction process. Male mosquitoes are more than happy to suck flower nectar for food, as are females who are not breeding.

Mosquitos Track Your Breathing

Mosquitoes don’t use sound or sight to track their prey—instead, a highly-attuned detection system makes the mosquito a natural carbon dioxide tracker. As humans and other mammals exhale, mosquitos follow the trail of CO2 to their next meal.

Even Puddles Can Breed Mosquitoes

During mosquito warnings, officials often urge homeowners to keep containers free of standing water. Even a puddle after a rainstorm provides sufficient volume for a mosquito to lay her eggs. Change the water in bird baths and other sites of standing water multiple times each week to prevent your home from becoming the next mosquito nesting ground.

Mosquitoes Are the World’s Deadliest Creature

No other animal species on earth has been as effective at killing other species as the mosquito. Quick reproduction and high mobility allow these bloodsuckers to carry the deadliest diseases and parasites all across the world.

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