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You probably already know that mosquitoes can transmit diseases to humans, but did you know that mosquitoes can also be harmful to your cat? Below, learn how mosquitoes can hurt your furry feline and what to do to protect your cat.

Mosquito Bite Hypersensitivity

Mosquito bite hypersensitivity occurs when a cat’s immune system experiences a reaction to a mosquito bite. Characterized by lesions or ulcers at the site of the bite, mosquito bite hypersensitivity also may cause the pads of the feet to become red and swollen. Other symptoms include fever and swollen lymph nodes. Milder cases typically resolve themselves on their own as long as cats are protected from mosquitoes. In severe cases, cats are treated with corticosteroids.

Feline Heartworm Disease

Feline heartworm disease is a potentially fatal condition caused by a parasitic worm that is transmitted by mosquitoes. The worm lives in the blood vessels and hearts of infected animals. Symptoms include coughing, lethargy, fainting, vomiting, and difficulty breathing. Feline heartworm disease can be difficult to diagnose because it mirrors the symptoms of other cat illnesses. There is no known cure for feline heartworm disease, though some veterinarians utilize supportive therapy as a method of treatment.

Mosquito Protection

To protect your cat from mosquito bite hypersensitivity and feline heartworm disease, be sure to take measures to control mosquitoes in and around your home. Eliminate sources of stagnant water, change water bowls often, and avoid using insect repellents that contain DEET, a chemical that is harmful to pets.

For a more comprehensive mosquito control plan for your home, contact Platinum Mosquito Protection at 954-888-9311. We sell, install, and service residential mosquito misting systems in the Miami area. Call or visit our website today to learn more about our safe, effective products that protect you and your family from mosquitoes.

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