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Why do some people get covered in mosquito bites while others can stand outside for hours and never be bothered? Those lucky few who can get through the Florida summer without a bite haven’t necessarily unlocked the secret to the perfect mosquito control—they simply do not attract these pests. While there are a few controllable factors that may help keep mosquitos away, some people are simply more appealing to these pests than others. The only way to truly keep the mosquitos at bay is to purchase an effective mosquito control system.


Uncontrollable genetic factors are 85% of the reason why certain people get more mosquito bites than others. People who naturally have more lactic acid, uric acid, cholesterol, or steroids on the surface of their skin attract more mosquitos. These individuals require better mosquito control to keep the annoying pests away.

Physical Size:

Carbon dioxide attracts mosquitos, and the human body is constantly emitting this chemical through the skin, as well as through exhalation. This means that larger people with a greater amount of skin surface tend to attract mosquitos more than smaller individuals.


Just as the scent of certain mosquito control products keeps bugs away, other scents on your body can attract them. Floral perfumes and deodorants can draw in mosquitos. Smelly shoes or socks are also known to attract these pests.


Mosquitos are more attracted to lighter skin tones but less attracted to lighter clothing. Wearing loosely fitting, light colored, fully covering clothes can help keep mosquitos away.

Body Temperature:

Mosquitos are naturally drawn to higher body temperatures, which makes them more attracted to people who are exercising, playing, or moving around. If you are going outdoors and plan on being physically active, be sure that you are in an area with effective mosquito control.

Whether you only get a few bites or many when you step outside, you should consider the benefits of investing in a quality mosquito control system for your Weston-area home. At Platinum Mosquito Protection, we have developed a mosquito misting system that truly works. Find out why our products are such safe and effective mosquito control options by calling 954-888-9311.

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