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Malaria has long been thought to be a disease of the tropical regions. In recent years, however, malaria has been re-emerging as a significant risk to U.S. populations. Travelers returning to the U.S. from tropical countries are sometimes infected with malaria after being bitten abroad. If a traveler infected with malaria is bitten by an Anopheles mosquito in the U.S., that mosquito can then bite other people, thus spreading the disease.

Watch this video to hear about some alarming outbreaks of malaria that occurred in the U.S. recently. You’ll also hear how many people worldwide are affected—and killed—by malaria, and you’ll learn about the symptoms and progression of the disease.

Anopheles mosquitoes live in most areas of the U.S. Protect your family from the dangers of mosquito bites by having a mosquito misting system installed. Call Platinum Mosquito Protection at 954-888-9311 to schedule an appointment today.

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