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The 2013 mosquito season is nearly here, and if you and your family do not have a mosquito control plan, now is the time to make one. Learn more about the upcoming mosquito season and what it can mean for you by visiting these sites.

  • Learn more about how to pick the most appropriate protective measure with this guide to choosing an insect repellent from the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Read this article from Medical News Today to learn more about a recent study suggesting that traditional mosquito repellent may now be less effective.
  • Scientists are predicting that this summer’s mosquito season will be one for the record books! Learn more about the outlook with this article on gallinippers.
  • Learn more about what makes mosquitoes tick with this article from How Stuff Works.
  • Visit this link from WebMD for more information on what attracts mosquitoes to certain individuals.

If you live in Weston, Boca Raton, or Coral Gables, and you want to learn more about mosquito control and pest prevention, call 954-888-9311. Our team at Platinum Mosquito Protection can help you install an outdoor automatic misting system for your protection today.

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