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Mosquitos are more than irritating pests that cause your skin to itch when they bite you. They are also carriers of a number of dangerous diseases that require serious medical attention. Learn how to protect your home and family from mosquitos by looking through these helpful links.

  • This WebMD article explains the dangerous symptoms you can develop if a mosquito infects you with West Nile virus.
  • Mosquitos can carry the parasites that cause malaria. This information from the U.S. National Library of Medicine explains how this disease affects individuals who are infected.
  • This factsheet from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention outlines why Rift Valley fever is more prevalent in regions with extreme rainfall.
  • Learn more about how mosquitos can carry the virus that causes Dengue fever with this article from the World Health Organization.

Platinum Mosquito Protection can help protect your Florida home from mosquitos and other biting insects with our automatic misting systems. Contact us at 954-888-9311 to schedule a free consultation.

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