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At Platinum Mosquito Protection, we pride ourselves on offering clients safe, effective systems that eliminate or repel mosquitoes and other small insects. Our automatic spray systems use insecticides that contain Pyrethrum, a natural ingredient derived from the chrysanthemum flower, and Permethrin, a synthetic form of Pyrethrum. Mosquitoes and other small insects are killed once they come into contact with the insecticide, which is automatically released at timed intervals in the form of a mist. For a green insecticide option, we offer a product that uses Geraniol, a plant-based repellent that deters and does not knock down or kill insects.

To learn more about our Platinum Mosquito Protection systems, give us a call at 954-888-9311. We sell, install, and service automatic outdoor misting systems that effectively protect against mosquitoes. Call us today for more information or visit our website to schedule a free onsite consultation at your Miami area home.

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