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The mosquito population has become a major world health concern because these small parasites can carry and transmit a range of diseases to their human victims. Every year, mosquitos grow and quickly multiply in stagnant water, which is a common feature in areas with humid climates, like Florida. Individuals who live in these humid environments should take extra precaution against mosquitos. Here is a look at some of the diseases that mosquitos in different parts of the world can spread.


Malaria is a condition in which small parasites called sporozoites destroy red blood cells throughout an individual’s body. Because mosquitos can carry and then transfer these small parasites to a victim’s bloodstream, they can cause a person to contract malaria. Symptoms of this disease include anemia, chills, muscle pain, and vomiting.

Rift Valley Fever

Mosquitos are more likely to carry the virus that causes Rift Valley fever during seasons of extremely heavy rainfall. This is because excessive rainfall makes it easier for the particular strain of mosquito eggs that naturally carry Rift Valley fever to hatch.St. Louis Encephalitis
Symptoms of St. Louis encephalitis are very similar to symptoms of the flu. Individuals who develop this disease may begin to experience fever, headache, and fatigue approximately five days after being bitten by an infected mosquito.

West Nile Virus

Mosquitos typically transmit West Nile virus to humans after biting a bird that is infected with West Nile virus. Mild symptoms of this disease include fever, headache, and rash. Complicated cases involving this infection can lead to brain damage, permanent muscle degeneration, and death.

Dengue Fever

Another dangerous disease that mosquitos can spread is Dengue fever. This virus is typically present in the world’s tropical and sub-tropical regions. Symptoms of this disease range from mild fever to severe muscle and joint pain.

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